Top 5 Black Leaders in Tech to Watch

There are tons of entrepreneurs working hard at launching successful businesses! Today I celebrate all the ones I have been keeping my eye one for the past few years and are killing it. Check them out!

1.Tristan Walker- Founder of Bevel & Form Beauty

Tristan Walker is killing the game right now! He is a Stanford graduate and the founder of Bevel; the most trusted grooming solutions for men. He also created Form Beauty; a simple and luxurious hair care line for women. He is also the co-founder and chairman of CODE2040, a nonprofit that helps black and Latino students land jobs at tech giants like Facebook and Apple. Tristan is a serious trailblazer! All his ventures have the purpose to simplify health and beauty for people of color. Definitely something that we can all get behind!

2.Morgan DeBraun- Blavity

Morgan DeBraun is the founder of Blavity. Blavity is a digital platform for forward thinking  Black millennials pushing the boundaries of culture and the status quo. She was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of Young People Transforming the Future of Media. Blavity also recently acquired TravelNoire, another start-up founded by a young black woman. DeBraun is doing some excellent work in celebrating the black community as she continues to  inspire women across the globe.

3.Jessica O.Matthews- Uncharted Play

Jessica is a Nigerian-American, Harvard grad, inventor and co-founder of Uncharted Play. They create  kinetic energy-harnessing products to power communities worldwide. One of their staple products is the “Soccket”, which is a soccer ball that can be used as a power generator. So genius!!  Last year, they were able to successfully raise $7M! That makes her only the 13th black female founder who raised more than $1M in outside investment! Uncharted Play is innovative and focuses on offering a real solution to a huge problem in the marketplace.

4.Kimberly Bryant- Black Girls Code

Kimberly Bryant founded the much needed Black Girls Code organization in 2011. They offer a six-week program that teaches basic programming concepts and gives underrepresented youth the chance to learn about robotics. Last year,Google donated $2.8M to the organization and new office space at Google’s New York headquarters. In 2013, Bryant was recognized at the White House as a Champion of Change for Tech Inclusion. Black Girls Code is doing the necessary work to help create a pipeline of black girls interested in tech! We love seeing this!!

5.Rodney Williams- LISNR

Rodney Williams is the founder of LISNR. The world’s most advanced ultrasonic audio technology. In essence, they’ve developed a communication tools that uses inaudible sound “called Smart tones” to transmit information. In 2014 the company secured a partnership with RocNation, which granted them access to many artists and corporations. By 27 years old, Williams owned three different social-media-related patents. The man is a beast in the game! Williams has proven to be a leader in the industry and LISNR has won numerous awards for their innovative work. They are on their way to revolutionize the way information is shared.