Too Late For The iPhone 8?

Fall is creeping up on us and we’re all getting excited about fall fashion! Needless to say technology has become apart of fashion and Apple has led a lot of trends. Calm down all you Apple hype beasts, the last update to iPhone was extremely underwhelming and highly disappointing.

The release of the new iPhone 8 has many excited but a lot of us, me in particular, very skeptical. Granted, I also am an apple user and have been since the 4th Generation iPhone. However, I have lost my faith in the new releases since the death of founder Steve Jobs.  It seems as though the team over at Apple got it right with the iPhone 6 however anything that has been introduced to us afterwards have been slightly modified with useless updates.

Ok ok, the fingerprint was kind of cool but the new facial recognition software for the iPhone 8 is raving about is slightly concerning. I definitely don’t have a secret government job but I am also someone who doesn’t have the most faith in our current world leaders. So, thank but no thanks Apple. Steve Jobs created a legacy of sleep life easing products and Apple is falling short in delivering me a product that is suppose to simplify my life.

Most of the upgrades they made were to the picture and camera quality, which is super important to millennials. The AirPower Mat seems like a quick fix to the charging/input mayhem they created with the iPhone 7.  The price points have increased significantly. Apple products are absolutely luxury tech items however, there was a time where it wasn’t tipping the scale of being virtually affordable to students or people working minimum wage jobs. There was an inclusive part to the Apple community that made everyone want to be apart of it that was different from competitors like Samsung.

Needless to say, I’ll be waiting for the first batch of iPhone 8s to be released before I jump on this wave of dropping over a stack ($1000) to have something that I barely even use to begin with.