Set Your Brand Apart

I came across a quote yesterday by the motivational speaker Lisa Nichols and she said “ Serve the Market Like It’s Never Been Served Before” and for obvious reasons it resonated with me in more ways than one.

It’s one thing to want to start a business, but it’s an entire different ballgame to make it happen and be successful. When starting off a business, not only must you do your market research to determine the feasibility of your idea, but you must also develop the grit required to withstand the journey of entrepreneurship. You have to be willing to ask yourself the tough questions early on in the process and it can all feel like a roller-coaster ride!

Be quick to pivot your strategy when needed and dig deep to truly offer something into the marketplace that sets your brand apart. Always remember that someone else’s recipe for success might not work for you. You have to tap into who you are at your core, this will keep your branding authentic and that is magic which will resonate with your potential supporters.

I’ve developed a mantra by which I live by and I invite you to try it ;


  1. Outwork (First one in, last one out. You must crush your competition!… ask Kobe)
  2. Outsmart (Be strategic in your decisions. Leverage your network and be flexible)
  3. Outpray ( Nothing better than practicing gratitude and seeking guidance)

Trust yourself during this process and do the work that no one is willing to do! I guarantee you it will pay off!