Hurricane Harvey

 As search and rescue continues, there are some hazards to consider such as flooded houses that have been abandoned with power and electricity still running, you get the picture; explosion waiting to happen. In addition, as a result of the flood a subsequent explosion at a chemical plants puts the public health and safety at jeopardy. Our prayers and sympathy are with hurricane Harvey’s victims. Every day, whether it’s on social media or the newspaper (yes I am still old fashion) or online, the images that are circulating breaks my heart. If you don’t know what I am talking about I urge you to take the time and google it. Rich or poor, the haves and have not, it does not matter, mother nature took her course. However, being that I am from the financial sector specifically; insurance world, I couldn’t help but to think, do they have flood insurance? The unfortunate part is that not everyone can afford insurance, let alone flood insurance, especially if they come from a low income household, flood insurance is not on their priority list.


As a global citizen, I believe that we have a responsibility to help those less fortunate, regardless whether it is due to a natural disaster or otherwise. Now be aware of how you can help and where to go.  On a side note, I saw a photoshopped picture on Instagram of a shark with a caption “Believe it or not, this is a shark on the freeway in Houston, Texas. #HurricaneHarvey” in quote this is fake news. Like seriously a shark on a freeway in Houston, come on that’s far-fetched. Apparently that same picture has been circulating for quite some time now after a natural disaster. All this to say, don’t believe everything you see or read, do some serious investigation. Most importantly, for those who would like to donate and help the hurricane victim, please be aware of scams, there are a lot out there. Also, although you might think that your donation is going straight to the victims, think again because some organizations such as Red Cross (not a fan, for personal reasons) have overhead that they need to tend to prior to distributing to those in needs. In addition, be careful of fake and phony Gofund me pages and charities. I would suggest that you research the charity or organization, check out the website, call if you have to (I know I would), do your due diligence after all it’s your money that you’re attempting to put in good use.  

Finally, I will continue to pray for hurricane Harvey’s victims and I hope that you keep them in yours.