Flex Your Network

One of the reasons that moved me to co-create and contribute to  The Serve Podcast was a lack of support I saw amongst entrepreneurs of colour. It’s a constant struggle to be seen and valued as equal in society. Even the most liberal work environments that promote diversity really aren’t as colour blind as they seem. So imagine, the odds stacked against you to thrive and succeed to create something that provides you enough to sustain a living (a comfortable one at that), how many of us would actually roll the dice and try to create their own business? On of our first interviews was really an eye opener and made me thing about more than just the growing pains that all new business owners go through. Our guest made a comment in regards to not promoting herself as the face of her business. Surely one would think “why not?”, she’s young, ambitious, attractive (if anything it would drive business). However, she explains the reaction she has received when attending client meetings with top executives and their shock of who they expected to meet rather than the vibrant business owner who sits across from them.

We also have a disease, yes I said disease because it’s a sickness, that we devalue the roles of our peers around us as though somehow seeking outside professional advise is more creditable than getting it from your sibling or cousin or your best friend’s girlfriend. Which led my want to be apart of something that allows us as well as encourages others to flex our network.

The phrase “united we stand, divided we fall” has been constantly playing in my head lately (kind of how Bill Wither’s Ain’t No Sunshine was playing on that episode of Fresh Prince) and my need to support other entrepreneurs and small businesses has grown stronger than ever.

I say that to say this, look at the people around you. Are they selling something that you use? Are they providing a service that you need? It’s for those entrepreneurs that creating The Serve, a platform to showcase and share with you the people within our network, was so important to me. You would be surprised how much information the people around you can provide.