Elevate Your Tribe!

Your network of friends should reflect who you are and where you are striving to be. Regardless of where you are in life, it is incumbent that the company you keep elevates you in some way. If you are a young professional focused on moving up the corporate ladder, you need to find a mentor in your industry that can help you develop into the leader you want to be. You can do this by volunteering at an organization, joining a board or just asking around your network. Put out into the universe what it is that you want, and you will attract just that!


If you are building a business, your network is even more critical! I say this because, starting a business can feel like a rollercoaster ride. With every decision, you are constantly learning about yourself and your character is regularly tested. By having a supportive network to encourage you, it can make all the difference in your journey. You want to connect with other entrepreneurs who have experience and can help you in avoiding rookie mistakes. Attend networking events, join co-working spaces and surround yourself with energetic people who are passionate about what they are doing! If possible, you want to secure mentorship as well. However, in all honesty, you will learn way more by just getting started and putting to test your business idea.

Trust yourself, but most importantly fall in love with the process. The grit required to be successful in any area of life, is a quality that you are either born with or develop with perseverance. Create your own dream team, make adjustments when needed and go after what you want!