Disconnect To Reconnect!

Communicating amongst each other is a lot easier than ever before, regardless of our location. We have technology to thank for that. Life has become a lot easier with electronic devices. However, we live in an era where we find ourselves constantly glued to our devices specifically our cell phones. There is a strong dichotomy between these devices bringing us closer together or ultimately further isolates us.

Growing up we (80’s babies) did not have devices controlling our daily activity, however today we hold on to our phones as if they were an extra part of our bodies. For instance, when we’re seated at a dinner table we tend to look or use our phone instead of completely enjoying the company we have. I understand that our businesses and affairs oblige us to stay connected at all times

My advice is to do your best to disconnect yourself in order to connect with what’s really important. Especially if you’re someone that is on the come up, on their grind and hustle. Being glued to your devices with no purpose, but for simply entertainment will hinder your success. By not giving into the need of constantly being on your phone, will also allow you to focus on your purpose and figure out what drives you. When we are in tune with our self-consciousness the things that we can achieve are endless. There is no limit to what our mind can accomplish but we first need to free ourselves.

So, at the dinner table don’t have your phone out, when it’s family or loved one’s time, DROP your phone. Unless you are generating money with your phone/device, it should not consume you. For example, I am often on phone as my business requires me too, however I reserve my Sundays for myself I call it my “Me Day” (my friends and family laugh at me for this) but my phone is on silent and I allow myself to recharge.