Consistency is Key, Build a Routine!

Do you remember when we were kids and our parents or caregivers had us on a schedule? We woke up a certain time everyday and went to bed at the same time every night. Our daily activities were all counted for. Now the irony behind that, is that the older and more independent we get the harder it is for us to maintain a routine or some sort of life balance.

A major key to success is consistency, and you cannot have consistency without a daily routine, ask Sean Comb (P Diddy) or any other successful person for that regard. It goes without saying,  that everyone is different, so find out what works for you. In addition, a practical routine will not only make you consistent but also stir you to a more discipline lifestyle, which ultimately will help you cut off the unnecessary time spent being unproductive.

Here are some tips that we find useful:

  • Setup up an alarm at the same time everyday (including weekend, no days off). Now make sure your phone is far away as that will allow you to actually get up from your bed and turn it off.
  • Set Up a meditation routine not more than 30mins. Reason being is that this will allow you to clear out your vision for the day, again in order to have a productive day you need to be able to envisioned it
  • Start your workday! Whatever that means to you,whether it’s a 9-5 or an entrepreneur (I would suggest leave your house, go to a coffee shop or a share work space, I feel that works best for me)
  • It is extremely essential to also exercise, we all know the health benefits so why not include it in your routine (you can do this either first thing in the morning or at the end of your day whatever floats your boat)
  • End your day with some peace and quiet and allow yourself to reflect on your day, so another meditation might also help!