Cancer Doesn’t Always Win

The month of October is dedicated for breast cancer awareness. If you are on social media or any other platform you probably notice several charity events bringing awareness happening around you. Although I do believe that it should be highlighted a lot more than simply one month, but that’s a whole other conversation. On Saturday October 21st, 2017; The Serve was honoured to attend Boobies and Brunch; a successful event organized by yours truly Janeen Brown owner of Jeluxxe LifeStyle Solutions, you might remember her as our first podcast guest.

It was an inspiration to be in a room with a group of strong women who fought and some continue to fight this battle. Everyone one of the speakers shared their story and enlightens us on the steps to take to physically, mentally and financially.

First of all, your body is your temple, which goes without saying that you should always be in tune and in sync with it. Now what does that mean, of course your diet is a big component, you need to cut out all the junk (you know what they are). Further, you need to exercise, without movements and a healthy diet, your just killing yourself, facts are eating and exercising should be second nature otherwise why are you alive?

In addition to knowing your body, we also learned that we need to feel our breasts. Now some of you might already know what to do, but for those that don’t here are some steps; which you can also find here (

• Look at your breast in the mirror, arms down and up for anything unsual or abnormality in sizes or redness, soreness, rash or swelling.
• Feel your breasts while lying down, use right hand to feel your left breast and vice versa
• Then put your arm up and feel under your armpits, sometime the tumor is found there

Secondly, as the expression goes keep your house in order; in this case it would be your finance, regardless whether you’re healthy or not. In other words, keep these few items in mind:

• Do I have an emergency fund or saving? It should be approximately six months to a year salary give and take, that would be your safety net to fall back on
• Do you have a life insurance? If not best time to get one is when your younger as it is cheaper, death is inevitable so why not alleviate some of the burden from your family
• Get yourself a critical illness coverage, trust me it is not expensive and worth the peace of mind. Critical illness can cover you from 5 different illnesses to as much as 25; it is all up to you.

Finally, we do not know what God has in store for us, but preparation is key, so what we can control in lives such as finances and healthy habits we need to take charge. With that being said have your finance in order and take extremely great care of your body, the stronger you are the least likely you are prompt to get ill and if you do get sick at least your body is in shape to handle what’s to come next. I encourage you all to visit the Canadian Cancer society website: where you will find a lot of helpful tools and guidance to follow.

Get in touch with an insurance broker/advisor as well a financial advisor that is trust worthy and has your best interest and if you don’t have one let us know we can help you connect with one.

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. – Mark Twain