Beauty & Power of a Conversation

Have you ever had a conversation that you wished never ended? Have you ever been with a friend(s) that can hold a conversation about any and every topic under the moon? Have you ever been in a room with like-minded individuals having amazing parallel conversation? If you answered yes to some of these questions, good for you, you’re onto something! If you answered no then please change your environment your missing out.

Physical and virtual are two different forms of communication. Today most of us are more inclined to communicate virtually, text messages, social media… I think people underestimate the beauty and power of a great conversation. I will be first to admit I live for great conversation with great minds. You can learn a lot about yourself or someone else based on a real genuine and meaningful conversation. Being able to interact with others is a basic necessity. I take pride in my ability to start a conversation everywhere I go, whether it is at the grocery store, mall, work, out and about with friends or alone (trust me all my friends can attest to this I am the annoying friend that talks to everyone literally) but not only do I do this because this is who I am by nature, but because I enjoy it! I love picking people’s brain, I love to hear their stories, love intellectual chats and I love making people laugh (low key clown)

All this is to say; to this day I have created and maintained great relationships, throughout my life, and it simply started with a conversation. I will give you a great example, if it wasn’t for a simple conversation that Christelle, Feven and I had months ago The Serve would not of been born. Therefore, when I say do not underestimate the power of a conversation, I mean you never know where one conversation can lead you; it can be your dream job or an opportunity to start a new venture or even a great relationship, who know so stay open. For us, here at The Serve, we appreciate and continue to base all our podcasts on real authentic conversations with substance.