3 Ways To Welcome A New Year

Happy New Year Servers! It’s 2018 and there’s always a little adjustment period we all go through before fully entering a new year and that’s what we’re here to help you with. Although we believe in the motto “preparation prevents poor performance” it’s never too late to get focused!

Here are some key things that we practice regularily and highly recommend you consider:

  1. Keep Your SameĀ Energy
    As the title of the blog suggests, keeping the same energy you have going into the new year, throughout the year is so important. All the optimism and high energy we put into welcoming 2018 needs to be kept and applied with everything you do moving forward.
  2. Dare To Prepare
    Get yourself a functional planner. Don’t let the bells and whistles of a glittered out, sticker feature planner get the best of you. Go through it, look at the layout and really ask yourself the question can I really use this. Key things I look for when shopping for a planner is space! I always look for planners that have layouts where the time of day is outlined so I can schedule throughout my day.Purchasing a planner is just the first step of being prepared. Using your planner is the other part! Make a conscious effort to use it everyday, carry it around with you, open it throughout the day and strike through what you’ve already done. This will motivate you to fill it up more and stay organized and on top of it.
  3. Me Time Is Mandatory!
    Take time to take care of yourself. The life of a hustler is no joke and you’re constantly working around the clock, trust me I know. Taking care of oneself is super important, your livelihood depends on it. When you take care of yourself, mind body and soul, it shows in everything you do. Get a good night’s rest, take the extra 10 mins in your morning to go over words of affirmation, drink a lot of water, take pride in your appearance, etc. When you look good, you feel good and you do good!

Retire the saying “new year, new me”and work on being the best version of you.